Thursday, 5 January 2012

Migraine and Fly Agaric Tincture

I was plagued with migraines during the time when I was completely disabled with tendon trouble, but had no idea that it was late stage Lyme that was the cause. The migraines would generally appear the day after I'd had a session stretching my neck. Again, I didn't realise it at the time, but the borrelia bacteria had colonised my neck, and the stretching and manipulation were breaking some of these colonies up, releasing large numbers of bacteria or associated neurotoxin detritus. I assume it was this that caused the migraines.

I did a whole diet exclusion course to be sure that it wasn't anything I was eating that was causing the migraines. I excluded everything that had ever been believed to have even only possibly caused a migraine, yet the migraines continued. They would be worse if I hadn't had one for a while, but not so bad if they were more regular. They would be preceded by the aura of lights in the eye, and continue for three days as a general rule. During this time I wouldn't be able to read, watch TV, listen to the radio or music, have the curtains open or anything. Just lie in the dark.

A large area in my shoulder became free in the early hours of Boxing Day, and I think this was the cause of the massive migraine that started several hours later. At least it gave me an opportunity to try the fly agaric tincture on a migraine. Since the muscarine in the tincture affects the central nervous system, I was confident that I might get some relief.

I rubbed fly agaric tincture into my head and neck and did experience a great deal of relief from the pain of the headache and stiff neck. I was able to sleep through the worst of it, which is rarely the case for me. The migraine itself (it's a neurological thing, not just a headache) dragged on for nearly a week though. I went for a country walk but had difficulty with hypocapnoea (lack of carbon dioxide), which according to my LLMD is also due to borrelia neurotoxins in my brain stem.

In short I'd definitely recommend trying fly agaric tincture for the pain of migraine, though it didn't seem to lessen the duration any.

I took the image in this post from, where I found an interesting discussion about the aura and migraines in general.

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