Thursday, 5 January 2012

External Use of Fly Agaric Tincture on Sciatica, Back Pain etc

When I first started investigating the medicinal use of fly agaric tincture, pretty much the only information I could find was on the external application of it to treat sciatica etc, on Henriette's Herbal:
How to use this then? It's 2-3 drops of tincture on the spine, when sciatica hits. Relief is pretty much instant.

I expect the tincture relaxes the muscles around the spine, where the hurt comes from, and when those muscles are finally allowed to relax they stop clamping bone all over the pinched nerve, which means the nerve can finally relax and no longer scream to the brain that "this hurts, cramp down on this, fast and hard!". And the pain goes away. Bliss.

I learned this from an old Finnish lady years ago - she came up to tell me about it after a lecture. I've told it onwards pretty much every time I remember to, and get very good feedback: "Remember the fly agaric tincture you told us about? Well, we made some in fall, and it helped, and after that the bottle has been in pretty much every house in the village, thanks heaps!". And such.

A friend of mine has been trialling this for as long as I've been on the tincture, seven and a half weeks now. Since she's applying it externally, I was happy there would be no risk for her to give it a go.

Her feedback is extremely positive. She has suffered from backache, diagnosed with scoliosis, for many years, and is in constant pain. The fly agaric tincture has really helped her. One liberal application of the tincture on her back will give her a good six hours of relief at a time.

Spurred on by her success, I've tried applying the tincture onto my painful ear/jaw/neck/shoulder/back/pelvis/rib areas. It's definitely helped with the pain. Furthermore, it's really helping with reclaiming these areas from borrelia colonisation, turning them back from stone (a hard substance, but of course not literally stone) into soft flesh again.

As I understand it, there are muscarinic receptors where the central nervous system meets the muscles, and the muscarine in the fly agaric tincture is acting on these, giving immediate and fairly long-lasting relief. It really is substantially better than ibuprofen gel, deep heat or anything else I've tried. Definitely worth giving it a go if you suffer from sciatica.


  1. hello

    came here from ur comment on smart meters with klinghardt. great blog! i want to express gratefulness for ur blog.

    i want to hint in the direction of treating chronic lyme. most cheap is the salt and vitamin c treatment, where u intake up to 15 g salt and vitamin c per day. that costs monthly less than $5. but it is to be used for 2y and has severe side effect. but the spirochetes are killed because they are taken the water from. works fine, though i did not try yet.

    secondly mms by jim humble shall be tried in my humble opinion (not providing medical advice at all, u know).

    what i did try is the use of a combination of detoxing thigns like the chlorella algae combined with the use of antibiotics called Rizols, which happen to be ozonated oils. they work just fine. klinghardt once said, the dosage of gamma and zeta rizols at a dosage of 60 drops daily each moves things. that would cost around $20-45 a month - but it truely works just fine!

    as storl suggests teasle works fine, too. some think it just rids the neurotoxins and does not sufficantly treat the lyme. i can just tell that it works for me too.

    also there are rife techniques that work fine. rife did blood-electrification. there ought to be working treatments googleable, too.

    though we found out about each others through klinghardt, ur suggested to check out the video on hpu from klinghardt, to be found here:

    feel free to check back in a week or so at my website where i link information about health i find valuable(atm down, next week up again) it is in german language but the video sources are mainly in english language. it is

    love peace

  2. i like the idea of connecting. in a world where every information is available for everybody thorugh the world wide web, it is no longer about getting information, it is about connecting the valueable information. thats the main reason i do make a comment like the above. to freely quote klinghardt: u got to detox, detox, detox and on top of that detox as also do alternative antibiotic treatments.

    cheers, man - truely i sense the good idea behind this blog. thank you

    love peace

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