Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fly Agaric Tincture and the Lymphatic System

I have recently found out that my lymphatic system is almost totally blocked in some areas, and has been for many years. This can happen as a result of a bacterial infestation such as Lyme disease. It can also happen as a result of parasitic infestation, which is not uncommon as a co-infection of Lyme disease. People mostly get infected with Lyme disease by ticks, which are characterised as "nature's dirty needle" because they carry so many vile things.

Edit 2/2/12: I don't know if it's physically possible to have such a blocked lymphatic system. It could be crystallised neurotoxins along the muscles near the lymphatic system. Whatever it is, it's breaking down, and my pain is decreasing as it does so.

Before my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) informed me that I was engaging in lymphatic drainage, I had thought that I was massaging calcarised tendons or muscles, as they were so solid. Over the last few weeks, I've been rubbing fly agaric tincture onto the skin above these blocked areas of my lymphatic system. I've also been blasting them with a portable ultrasound machine I have, which has really helped, but here we're concerned about the effects, if any, of the fly agaric tincture.

I have noticed that since applying the fly agaric tincture, the hard and sharp stuff in my lymphatic system has been breaking up much more easily. Apparently the lymphatic system is not far under the skin, so the muscarine in the fly agaric tincture should be able to get to it pretty easily.

I don't pretend to understand the mechanisms of any of this, but I have found that:

All five muscarinic subtypes have been detected in human lymphocytes; however, receptor subtype expression appears to vary by individual.
(from Muscarinic Receptors By Allison D. Fryer, Arthur Christopoulos, Neil M. Nathanson, Springer 2012. P408)

The fly agaric tincture will not be enough by itself to normalise the lymphatic system. Supporting treatments include Manual Lymphatic Drainage, self massage, exercise and herbal support.

Edit 17/2/12 - Since writing this post I've seen a lymphatic drainage massage specialist, who has confirmed that my lymphatic system is blocked in places. Even after just one session I've felt incredible benefit. I've had a clear head and not suffered the harsher "dementia symptoms" of neuroborreliosis since that first treatment. I had a lot of lymph build-up at the back of my head, which must have been keeping the neurotoxins in the back of my head, where they caused the dementia-like symptoms and problems with my autonomic nervous system, such as hypocapnoea.

Edit 23/1/13 - It now seems likely that the hardness and pain from my lymphatic system may have come about as a result of infestation by a lymphatic nematode or roundworm. These are apparently common even in temperate areas, but aren't normally a problem. When combined with a lack of movement and/or other infection, they can become problematic. I've found ultrasound to be best at breaking down these hard areas, although I always get an increase in neurotoxin symptoms when I do this. Almost constant movement really helps as well, as does keeping warm and hydrated. Cleavers/goose grass/sticky willy is great to help clean out the lymphatics. I'm still not quite done getting rid of it all, but I'm ever closer.


  1. Hello there - Thanks to your investigations and sharing, I have recently experimented with the Amanita myself. My husband and I both have tick born illnesses, varying degrees of suffering, luckily for us - although my husband has suffered for years with brain fog. Eating a little piece of the mushroom has definitely improved our cognitive abilities, and given us both an "uplift" in terms of mood.
    Very subtle, but life changing.
    I wonder what people are doing while they tincture? I recently did a 1:1 dry mushroom to 100 proof vodka. The vodka was actually diluted to 40% as per Henrietta's advice. I soaked the caps first in distilled H2O and used this water to dilute the vodka. So! It may not be a real 40% dilution - Henrietta is very clear that Amanita is a "liver fryer" - meaning that she advises (strongly) that we label this with "POISON" symbol, and use great care in its administration.
    I mention this to inform, not to frighten.
    Anyone else making their own tincture?
    I have started to give my son the tincture at 6 drops per day. So far no great effect, but I am taking it very slowly with his treatment - he's on ABX too.
    I am grateful to have discovered this wonderful plant, and look forward to learning as much as possible, including a good spot to forage for it come Spring.

    1. Thanks for letting us know mb, and really pleased to hear it's helping you.

      I was thinking, as you're buying the dried mushroom, maybe it would make more sense to eat small amounts of the dried mushroom rather than make it into a tincture. I think the dried mushroom tastes really nice, but you can also grind it up into a powder and put it into capsules if you prefer.

      In Siberia I understand they air dry the mushrooms, including the stem, and the elderly will then either eat a little bit a few times a day, or make a tea out of the powder.

      Sorry I can't find the link for my source for thinking this at the moment.

      Best wishes, Sam

    2. Oops forgot to mention, unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, the fly agaric won't be out until late summer. I've heard of it showing itself in June in freakish conditions, but late August is when they really start to appear.