Monday, 21 July 2014

Fly Agaric Protects Against Aging and Neurogenerative Disease

Research shows that stimulating muscarinic receptors protects the brain and central nervous system against aging and neurodegenerative disease.
These results demonstrate that stimulation of muscarinic receptors provides substantial protection from DNA damage, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial impairment, insults that may be encountered by neurons in development, aging, or neurodegenerative diseases. These findings suggest that neurotransmitter-induced signaling bolsters survival mechanisms, and inadequate neurotransmission may exacerbate neuronal loss.

Fly agaric mushrooms contain tiny amounts of muscarine, which acts as a stimulant to muscarinic receptors. So does eating a small daily piece of fly agaric mushroom protect against neurodegeneration? The elders of some native Siberian peoples eat a little fly agaric every day. They say that it gives them energy and helps them to think and remember things. It would seem that it is likely also protecting their brains and nervous systems against neurodegeneration related to aging.

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