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Letters from Russians who have used fly agaric medicinally

Here are some letters from Russians who have used fly agaric medicinally. I found these at I do hope they are happy with them being reproduced here. Copyright is attributable to (C) Makeyenko TV Physician. Translation from Russian by Google Translate. The whole of this article is from that webpage. I have written none of the following ...


(Letter of Anapa on K st Tatyana Alexandrovna). In 1969, my father (I was living in the city of Tyumen) ill - lung cancer. From the operation, he refused - he was immediately discharged from Oncology Center. His condition was terrible. They waited for the worst ... But at the hospital someone advised to drink mushroom hails vodka. Start was terrible. But he decided, at first spoonful 1.5 months, then a shot of the infusion, and then could drink a bottle a day of the liquid (the good liked to drink.) Its age was then 60 years old. And the state just two months later began to improve. Went phlegm with cough, with black - coal dust (he also worked on a locomotive engineer), sputum was intense. That's it then spent 13 years with breaks drank mushroom. Even little by little moonlighting guard, went to the forest for one mushroom. Then he gave them in the winter, who addressed. His father died with a diagnosis of pulmonary hemorrhage, ie, where there was a focus of the tumor - this place is just physically worn out.


(Letter from the city of Yaroslavl on T-tion Nina Vasilievna). My husband literally not even a year old, he died of lung cancer. But I suggested and even gave ready hails mushroom in the primary moonshine, because now the pure alcohol can not get anywhere else. Describe how it healed. Gave the scheme from the 1st drop and brought to 20 drops 3 times a day for 15 - 20 minutes before a meal, and went back to 19 drops, then 18 and so on and brought to 7 drops. But he did not know that drinking mushroom. I once said to him: Serge, Let's have a fly agaric. A: what about you? Are you crazy? Decided to poison me? He did not know it was drinking it, because I'm in a thermos overnight insisted in hot water rose, the color was brown, and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Temperature husband reached even 40 degrees. Injections: analgina, diphenhydramine, but-silos 2 times and it was 3 times, but to no avail, and she started to drink Amanita - he recovered a bit, ate everything, began to leave himself out, he tucked in bed with him. A headache cough and he went to a therapist, and came to the reception, the doctor was surprised that he got up and danced in front of her dance. The doctor did not believe that he is on his feet. The pressure was high, and there is normal.

And so while drinking mushroom - was healthy. But as I said to him, and you do have drink, quarreled and did not drink. Decided to take a break, but you can see the cancer was extensive. A daughter of our smart, graduated from the Institute on excellent, scolded him that you mom treats, wants you to have lived, and you do not drink mushroom. And he agreed to drink. And because it was a big break, began to give one a bit, but apparently it was not enough. You had told me something like a 8 or 9-drops and no break you and your husband have been through. So I regret it all. He was my benefactor, and morally supported me. But alas, no one has suggested a break, as well as because of drops to give him.

Husband died, I go to the grave and weep, but that has not stopped. Went into the forest, gathered muscaria, got a little moonshine and double stage set for 1 month. I myself drink it now. Stomach ache, was not hurt. And when one went to the grave and met a woman and she told me that her relatives a woman 40 years hit paralysis. Her husband got this one year hails mushroom and watered for about a year and now she works as a cleaner and even dance. All she departed, and her husband said to his feet, and all what happened.

Stomach cancer

(Letter of Solikamsk from K-th Valentina). I had a case. My husband had surgery perforated ulcer. Managed to sew. Lived for 8 years. What was spring, autumn relapses. Decided to go to a resort, was examined and passed. Admitted to hospital, the operation did not do. Than treated - injections. But I was wearing a hospital mushroom. Tincture made ​​two weeks in a dark place for 3 cap mushroom to 0.5 liters of vodka. So hats were not blooming, red. He drank in the morning on an empty stomach half a spoon and a mummy with the head under the tongue to dissolve the match and finally butter. FGS was autumn and the doctor said everything was fine. Already passed 7 years. I think he helped mushroom. A recognized cancer. Stomach cancer.


(Letter of Saransk from A-ing Inessy Vasil'yevna). I was operated on for cancer of the stomach removed? stomach and I made ​​medicine from mushroom to grandmother's recipe and here for 3 years I drink this medicine with 1 drop of 25 and until the 1st 50 days, then break for three weeks, and again. My mother was a terrible rheumatism, she began to drink with me, and now walking without crutches and sticks and legs swell.

Uterine cancer, throat cancer

(Letter from the Voronezh region from K-hand Raisa Grigorevny). I had no ill. His whole life was in the hospital two times: birth, 2 daughters from me. Ill eight years ago. Profuse bleeding, thick pieces. The district hospital said: "Climax". And discharged. I lie at home. I feel sick. I can not get up. Blood clots. Husband drove the ambulance to the regional oncology. Diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. Difficult surgery - deleted all a woman. Final diagnosis: chorionepithelioma. ESR - 68. From chemotherapy refused flatly. The tablets did not drink, all ejected. Lay on the table under the irradiation with a prayer: "Save me, O Lord." Immediately got up and into the shower, all washed away. A secret from the doctors saw mushroom (tincture). After irradiation greatly hurt the liver, stomach upset: neither eat - diarrhea, did not hold urine. When the pain was impossible to sleep, then saw a double dose of mushroom. Soothing.

For 1 year, I drank 3 liter jar mushroom infusion. I forgot where the liver. Normalized stomach, urinary bladder. Without re-examination I was given life the 2nd level of disability. But with God's help, I work as a teacher at a school in a full load. Of course, very tired. God gives me patience, contentment and joy in the soul. I do not have depression, resentment, bitterness, resentment. In the bustle of everyday life, I always turn to God. Churches have not. I read the Bible - a wonderful source of spiritual and pray. Understood the main thing: we are all under God. I'm worthless instrument of God.

Another case of healing mushroom. 3 years ago after her husband became ill, my friend. Cancer. Initially uterus removed, and then the right breast. Cancer in stage 4. Earth collapsed! Her sons asked, "Help!" Doctors were warned of deaths. I went to her in the hospital and begged him not to do chemotherapy pill or drink, or fly agaric mushroom will not help. Chemistry did not, said that all going to die. Saw mushroom after eating (to food - could not). Combined Saw distilled kerosene. Every day, I visited her and inspired not to lose heart. Recovered. Now works in its place - the chief accountant of the farm. Rejoice! Kind! Do not allow discouragement in his soul. He lives with God! Praying. In oncology, I noticed that died, those who went into the disease, limp, he was afraid of death. A person has to control himself. This is very important!

How did I know about the fly agaric? Nowhere read, are not met. My husband's brother (Yoshkar-Ola lives) grazed cattle. He noticed that the sick cow and mushroom grab greedily munching. Looking, run to where the red mushroom. And they get better. One day he was found shot in the throat. Grew. Covered passage. Doctors said, "Cut! Cancer." He did not return. Scored mushroom cap, was there, so it was fun to die, washed down with vodka. There was all black as tar, all cleared, lump disappeared. It took 40 years. Now he is 80. Lives. Amanita drink in their scheme. He cured the daughter-in-law, which removed both breasts. It works too, though afraid of the sun.

Dear Tamara, your brochure I need not to treat (we're healthy), but in order to compare with the experience, a way of making drugs, self-control, system usage. It's medicine - poison. One time I was poisoned, as tincture of mushroom was not sustained over time. His stomach was washed with water and baking soda in large quantities.

Stomach polyps

(Letter from the Tyumen region of M Victor Mikhailovich). I want to tell you how I was treated mushroom. Prompted me one recipe Grandma (now deceased). My wife was a cancer patient. That's grandmother and persuaded me to insist mushroom. She gave me a dry mushroom, which I insisted on vodka 0.5 liters of 18 days in a cool dark place. Wife then refused to drink this infusion. And I had eight polyps in the stomach. Then I decided to take myself this infusion. Peel, as taught - 1 nightingales spoon 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Drank all the brandy, well, as if no change is noticed, and when Moscow offered to do the surgery - to remove polyps, when the survey revealed that they have not. Asked what was treated. Other drugs, except mushroom, do not drink. Treated differently, some believed, some laughed. But I do know that it is from mushroom. And the result is there.

Disease of the breast

(Letter from Krasnodar from B-k_Nadezhdy Feodorovna). Amanita muscaria, I am treated eighth year and it helped me a lot. 9 years ago I had an operation, "Fibroadenoma right breast." But in spite of the operation, I have continued chest ache, a rough, pink, bad joint. And the worst thing that was for me, it became a bother and left breast. I had a record, after 2 - 3 months was at the doctor's office. The pain was such that I feared so God forbid someone touched me. Suggested a second surgery, I refused, since mammograms have become the defining features of diffuse fibrous mastopathy.

2 years after the operation, I began to drink brandy mushroom, I always send it to my sister from Sverdlovsk. Saw her almost eight years now ended. Pain did not bother me a year three - four, but I kept taking it from 15 to 45 drops, adding one drop every day. The last three years have always drank a tablespoon for a month, then a month break, and so on for the last 3 - 4 years, I can no longer even lie on your stomach, but not abuse, basically try to sleep on your side or back . You know, Tamara, over the years I have something to do with this tincture feel safe, even if it is just in the fridge and I did not drink for a while, I feel more confident and relaxed that I have it. Now infusion over, I feel like I'm losing confidence, some confusion.

Stomach cancer

(Letter from the Bryansk region of I-to AM). I will be very grateful if you send me a brochure entitled "Treatment of fly agarics." I am not sick with cancer, and an ad in the newspaper would not have paid any attention if he did not know the case in the neighboring area. Wife wanted to poison her husband mushroom. He was discharged from the hospital to live out his days at home. He had stomach cancer. Severely tortured and tormented her as drinking began shamelessly. So, fry toadstools, gave them to the table as the mushrooms with a bottle of vodka. Recovered and lived for many years after this event. And even more treats from all diseases infusion of toadstools.


(Letter of Boksitogorsk from A-va VT). If the truth can send a brochure entitled "Treatment of fly agarics", I'll wait. I kid read "Aliket go to the mountains" - so there is a moment that shamans used dried mushroom stem. Then my neighbor, an old man insisted on amanita brew and drank and lived, although the doctors were surprised that he did not die for a long time. Earlier in his youth, I somehow did not pay attention to it. But now I'm 59 years old and it's time and I'm interested in this tincture. But how to prepare it - that's the question.


Information that the fly agaric tincture drink to prolong life, I have many. Also this beautiful property it often read in the literature. In addition, the mushroom causes a rush of energy, stimulates physical and mental endurance, has the property to quickly restore lost power. But! used for continuous use as a stimulant mushroom can not, because it is a poison and narcotic. Only courses and in small doses! Mushroom use as drugs started in Russia about 10,000 years ago. Alkaloids contained in Amanita cause poisoning, hallucinations, and addictive. Another effect is that are near objects appear either very large (makropsiya) or very small (mikropsiya). Possible movements and convulsions. Episodes of intense excitement turns to moments of deep depression. Amanita muscaria, in contrast to other hallucinogens, causes an abnormally severe physical mobility. Indigenous peoples of Siberia - the Chukchi, Koryak, Kamchadals and others - are widely used amanita in several cases: to communicate with the supernatural in order to predict the future, to determine the cause of the disease, as well as just for fun during festivals (such as weddings) when they treated guests. And, of course, is widely used to enhance the abilities of mushroom shaman.

Questions - Answers

How to prepare and take the medicine of toadstools? The answer is: preparation methods and regimens - a few dozen. (There is even such a seemingly frivolous as infused with male urine amanita. Well, this is unusual cooked mixture (with fly agarics on urine of men) is a natural drug and is used for severe pain in cancer patients).

Which one to choose - solves your fitoterapevt or healer, who you're going through treatment, and who is responsible for the drug and for you. Self poisonous herbs and mushrooms to engage strongly advise. But if you can not be treated by a specialist (which is much more effective than self-medication), use 50% tincture of vodka under the scheme: start with 1 drop 3 times a day for half an hour before meals, daily increasing the dose of each meal and 1 drop and work up to 20 drops 3 times a day. Then drops down, reducing the daily dose of 1 drop at each visit. Break - 1 week. Conduct at least 3 courses in a row.

Mushroom tincture drink better with? glasses of water infusion of birch fungus fungus or drop it 1 tablespoon diluted Befungin - pharmaceutical drugs fungus.

To prepare the tincture used only hats. Cut them into small pieces, weighed, placed in a jar, add an equal amount by weight of vodka and infuse at room temperature in the dark for 1 month.

The second method. Hats chop the brim lay in a jar, close the nylon cover, tie a cloth and buried in the ground to a depth of 1 meter for 1 month. Then drain the resulting juice and add some to it an equal amount of vodka. Store at room temperature tincture in a dark place out of reach of children. Shelf life - 1 year. And once again, remember that it is a poison.

50% tincture is used only if the patient takes of poisonous herbs only one mushroom. If you use an integrated, enhanced treatment (several potent herbs and ointments), the concentration, dose and regimen of others. When non-cancer diseases, use a weaker tincture - 10%.

In general, well said, responding to a similar question, healer of Moscow Vladimir Mironov, successfully using mushroom and brandy fly agaric ointment for the treatment of various diseases, including cancer, "I specifically do not include a recipe here fly agaric tinctures. It requires accurate compliance dosage. And then tell me how it is prepared, - in the woods any mushroom will not. Yet mushroom - mushroom special. Hence drink liquor only under close supervision. "

Tell us how to prepare a tincture of hemlock.
To prepare the tincture using fresh flowers and green unripe seeds, in these parts of the plant contains many alkaloids. Fresh flowers are crushed, weighed, placed in a jar and pour vodka quality by weight in the ratio of 1:10, for example, 100 g of flowers we have to take one liter of vodka. Keep the vodka was no additives, particularly acidic - like citric acid, whey - for then alkaloids bind and precipitate, liqueur turns cloudy. Infuse 3 weeks at room temperature, and always in the dark. After 3 weeks, strain. Next. After 2 - 3 weeks after harvesting flowers (depending on weather conditions) Collect green unripe seeds of hemlock. Of them the same way, prepare 10% tincture 3 weeks strain. Then mix equal parts both tinctures: from seeds and flowers, shake well. Tincture of hemlock is ready for use. You can store it at room temperature, always in the dark and always out of reach of children. Shelf life - 1 year.

What is the stronger of the herbs - hemlock, aconite, or mushroom? Where should I start treatment?
By the force of the antitumor effect of these herbs are equal. Depending on individual sensitivity of some patients are better at Hemlock, others to Akon, third on the mushroom. Of cancer patients do not have time for the selection, so I always assign a comprehensive, enhanced treatment: all three infusions made in the same day at different times. Besides infusions necessarily give their patients herbal ointment - lubricate the affected area and the nearby lymph nodes. In the ointment are hemlock, mushroom, aconite, milestones, henbane, and some other herbs and pharmaceutical ingredients to improve skin permeability. The main property of the ointment - the local anti-tumor effects. In addition, it has analgesic and good wound-healing effect (when a cancerous ulcer, for example, splitting the running breast cancer).

I was approached by a young man from Polotsk - cancer of the penis. In Minsk, underwent surgery. Does not heal within a year post-operative wound. Tried all assigned ointment treated laser - without effect. Gave her ointment. Ringing. Happy, all is well. Regret only one thing - he had heard from patients about me good reviews, but somehow I did not believe in the grass. Year wondering whether to apply to me. And helped salve for several weeks. In benign tumors, treatment, I usually start with hemlock. In most cases, this is enough. When failure of hemlock select another tool. (C) Makeyenko TV Physician - fitoterapevt

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